Computational design: beyond problem-solving

Computational Design, Creative Cognition / Gabriele Mirra

In computational design, the exploration of new design possibilities is limited within the bounds of predefined variables. The definition of such variables forces the designer to focus too early on the final solution rather than keep developing an initial idea. A new computational design approach based on problem-learning could help designers escape mental sets and be more creative.

Computer-Aided Imagination

AI, Creative Cognition, Human-Machine Interaction / Gabriele Mirra

Computers have made our life easier. We give them instructions, and they can perform complex tasks in real-time, providing solutions to any sort of problem. The ability to solve problems is certainly an aspect of intelligence, yet it is only part of the story.

AI-enhanced creative cognition

AI, Creative Cognition, Human-Machine Interaction / Gabriele Mirra

Everyone can perform creative thinking, yet only a few come up with ideas that can dramatically change the world. Emergent technologies like Artificial Intelligence can help humans to fully unleash their creative potential.